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How to register and use the Photo Gallery

Here are some simple instructions on how to register and use the Photo Gallery so that you can upload your photos and share them with the rest of us. 

On the Home page right above the photo banner of our Prelude  click on the word 'Gallery' as seen below:

Gallery 1

This will take you the Gallery page:

Gallery 2

On the top right hand side click on the word Register as seen here:


Fill in your details as seen in the following example:


Now click on Register.

You should then be presented with the following window:


Now click on login  and log in using your name and password as seen here:


That's it! You should see the following message:


Click on the login link to login and start uploading your photos. Log in using your name and password.


Click on the word Gallery so that you could navigate to the Gallery pages.

You should now be on the main Gallery page and you should see on the top right corner this:


This shows that you are loged in.

On the left hand side you should see the words Add Album clicking on that takes you to the following window:


Give a name to the Album that you want to create and fill Title, Summary etc and then click on Create

That's it, you have now created your own Album where you can place your photos.


Click on Save

On the top left corner you should now see the name of your Album (i.e.Prelude7)


Click on this and it will take you to your Album. You should see the following window:


Click on Add a photo and you should be taken here:


Click on Browse to be able to browse your computer for photos and then when you are ready click on Add Items. Voila! You have added photos to your Album.

Now in the future when you want to upload photos just navigate to the Gallery and then find your Album. You may have to look through pages. Look to the bottom for the page Numbers:


Once you have found your album, click on it:


Now that you are inside your Album click on Add Items as seen below:


That's it. Have fun!

If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact us. Just click on Contact and send us an email.