Prospective Prelude owner seeks the benefit of experience.

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Prospective Prelude owner seeks the benefit of experience.

Postby Brighton Buoy » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:41 pm

Hello all Prelude owners,

I'm looking to graduate from dinghy sailing to small yacht sailing, partly because I like to single hand, and dinghies don't sail great without a crew, and partly because I want to do some local cruising between marinas on the South coast. It looks like a Prelude might be an achievable step in that direction. (would people agree?) I have seen several for sale quite affordably in apparently good condition and the fact that there's an active owners club speaks highly of the boat I would think. I have a couple of questions folk may have an opinion on, that they'd be willing to share.

I live in Brighton, so, not on the ocean, but not in the sheltered Solent either. Would the Prelude (twin keel) be equal to those sea conditions? Or is it more at home on inland waters?

Is it primarily a trailer sailor? in which case, will the hull be ok afloat on a mooring for most of the year?

Are there any design flaws or classic weaknesses that a buyer should pay attention to when inspecting a boat? I notice it has less standing rigging than some boats.

Finally, before I make the long jaunt to view one, does the vee berth actually have room for a chap of 5'10"

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.

All the best,

Simon Forbes.
Brighton Buoy
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Re: Prospective Prelude owner seeks the benefit of experienc

Postby Jeremyfisher » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:08 pm

Hi Simon and welcome to the site.
I cannot be of much help as Jeremy Fisher is a Mk2 model with a drop keel. Also I only sail on the Broads, but there are many of this site that do use the Prelude off-shore and very successfully too. I am sure you will get lots of helpful advice.

Best wishes with your project

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Re: Prospective Prelude owner seeks the benefit of experienc

Postby Alistair Sim » Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:53 pm

Hi Simon, yes the V berth is big enough for a 5'10" person, yes the Prelude will ride happily on a swinging mooring. Check out the entries on this site for Tropical Kitt a bilge keel version. The owner Jerry Evans has sailed extensively around the west coast of Scotland and added his observations and travails on the forum. Click on Jerry Evans then view his previous entries. There should be enough material and photos in the gallery to help you make an informed choice.

Regards, Alistair.
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