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New member P65 "Iris"

Post by DionJ1993 »

Hi there, I acquired my Prelude "Iris" sail no P65 back in September 2018.
Situated and sailing from Ynyslas on the West coast of Wales.
She is a mustard'ish colour (faded gelcoat) with a Swinging keel. She is in need of some TLC, which I have done and will be doing as I sail her.

One question I'd like to ask for those with swinging keel Preludes, how do they do when they dry out ? Cardigan bay is a shallow area and alot of places dry out at low tide.

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Re: New member P65 "Iris"

Post by Prelude#197 »

Hi Dion,

Welcome, I can't really help you with the drying out question, I have a swing Keel but it's on the Norfolk Broads and doesn't dry out - I'm sure there are plenty that do dry out though.

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Re: New member P65 "Iris"

Post by Jeremyfisher »

I have often wondered about that. I would have thought that when sitting on a "dry" mooring, the hull would tilt to an unacceptable angle with everything inside falling around, but as I am also on the Broads, I have seen it!


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Re: New member P65 "Iris"

Post by Alistair Sim »

I have seen several on drying moorings, usually mud/soft sand, they seemed to sink happily into the ground and were level. The Mk1 probably fares better as the keel box is internal leaving very little of the keel exposed and therefore less depth of keel to sink into the sand. I believe the Mk2 has its keel box fitted to the bottom of the hull rather than in it but having said that I have seen a Mk2 sitting upright happily on a drying berth.

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Re: New member P65 "Iris"

Post by pwgun »

My swing keel sits on a soft mud mooring which itself is on a slope. so far no problems.
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