Fitting Roller Furling?

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Fitting Roller Furling?

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Hi All,

I've been contemplating fitting roller furling to the Gib on my prelude, from what I have seen I may be able to fit something like a Barton drum, the instructions for installation require a "wire Luff" on the Gib, mine seems to have a fairly stiff plastic insert running up the luff (which could be wire covered in plastic).

Have any of you got any experience of retro-fitting these? any advice?


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Re: Fitting Roller Furling?

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If you can run to it, I would recommend a reefing furler, rather than a roller furler. It is much more useful as you would be able to part reef the jib which I have often found to be quite handy. You can't do this with a roller furler as it would unfurl whilst sailing.

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