Insurance problem

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Insurance problem

Post by Marten »

Hi guys, long time no see, apologies.

Just about to get my "Emily J " back on the water, but have come up against an insurance problem.

Perhaps stupidly I said in the insurance application that I had run the control lines back to the cockpit, for safer control.... This is non standard and I've been refused insurance.... They want an egineer's report or lines returned to original position.

Anyone come up against this or have positive suggesions.


Alistair Sim
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Re: Insurance problem

Post by Alistair Sim »

Hi Marten, I'm no expert but it seems your insurers concern will be accepting liability for a modification that is of a unverifiable standard, -should damage or injury be caused as a result they will have to stand to any claim, so

Option 1)
As they asked - get a marine surveyor to check your work (not a complete survey) and get a written report confirming it to be of an acceptable level for insurance purposes;

Option 2)
Ask if they'd be happy if the work was re-done by a boatyard against an invoice authenticating the work as being done by a qualified person.

Option 3) revert to original line arrangement.

Unfortunately you may now have to declare that you have had a rrequest for cover refused if you try to re-insure it, ironic given it was to increase boat safety.

Were you stupid? No, just honest and honesty is the best policy, good luck.
Regards, Alistair
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