How long does it take to paint?

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How long does it take to paint?

Post by luke-london-essex »

A question about painting the topside/cockpit and hull (not the antifoul, that's already done):

I am umming and ahing about repainting the topside and hull in the next few weeks. Her current condition is quite poor and it would make a huge difference to whether my wife wants to sail on her or not! I have seen a few people in the forums have repainted, but can't quite ascertain how long it took.

My current estimate is 5 days:
- remove deck hardware and teak: 1 day
- clean, sand and fill all the cracks: 1 day
- first 2 primer coats: 1 day
- two top coats: 1 day
- non-slip: 1 day

Am I being too ambitious?
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Re: How long does it take to paint?

Post by Jeremyfisher »

Cannot comment on the time, but of more interest to me is the type of paint used, one that will not chip or flake.

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Re: How long does it take to paint?

Post by Tim Ling »

I think time is about right, might need to add in time for masking any items not removed. Before painting the hull I would try using a gel coat restorer and polish. This assumes that the gel coat is not crumbling. We've done this to our boat and had good results, better than painting I would expect. If you can get a polisher it will make the job much easier.
Good luck
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