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Latest Value

Post by Haris »

Hello friends
We received the following email. Would anyone like to comment?
Hi we are just beginning to think about selling our prelude with moaring rights at Hickling and we are wondering what the going value for a drop keel prelude (needing some TLC) - do you have any ideas - no trailer - sadly stolen a few years ago) kind regards Jane?

Jane Parry
Alistair Sim
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Re: Latest Value

Post by Alistair Sim »

Hi Haris, a quick scan online shows a number of lift keel Preludes for sale.
Prices vary between £1250 to £2500, this variation would probably reflect the condition of each boat.
However all those I viewed come with trailer.

The lack of a trailer obviously devalues the package unless the seller can find someone who wants to sail from the Hickling mooring or can organise alternative transport.

Buying a replacement secondhand trailer will probably cost as much if not more than the boat - a new trailer certainly would.

Regards, Alistair.
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