Preludes The World Over
"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable." Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Prelude Sail No. 6 - Tony Goold and Kieran O'Byrne

Tony and Kieran, are the owners of Tiny Dancer who, as far as we know, is the oldest Prelude that still sails. She is based in Greystones, County Wicklow on the East coast of Ireland

Prelude Sail No. 8 - Iain

Iain is renovating Zalmfour (name may change) and hopes to sail her soon

Prelude Sail No. 10 - John Hartill

John sails Isla in Suffolk, UK. She is berthed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

Prelude Sail No. 11 - Gordon and Karel

Gordon and Karel sail Y-Knot in the Norfolk Broads, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 15 - Oliver and Jo Pearson

Oliver and Jo sail Gazelle based in south Norfolk, near Bungay, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 22 - Wim van Loon

Wim lives in Holland and you can see the wonders he's done with La Dolce Vita.

Prelude Sail No. 24 -Bernard J. White

Bernard is the proud owner of Caspian and is based in Essex, UK

Prelude Sail No. 34 - Roger Stone

Roger sails Windsong based at Claxton in Norfolk, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 39 - Thomas Store

Thomas sails Jeanie based in Braunton, North Devon, UK

Prelude Sail No. 40 - Jerry Evans

Jerry sails Tropical Kitt from Loch Linnhe Marina in Scotland.

Prelude Sail No. 43 - Ceri Morgan

Ceri is based in Lincoshire and is working on fixing up her new boat.

Prelude Sail No. 47 - Mark Pickering

Mark sails Wren from Caernarfon Harbour, UK

Prelude Sail No. 50 - Ken Forsyth

Ken owns Ladybird since 1989 and sails based at Thurne, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 51 - Steve Water

Steve sails Red Herring from Poole and around the Isle of White

Prelude Sail No. 53 - Nick and Sue Coppin

Nick and Sue sail Sandpiper based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

Prelude Sail No. 54 - David Tildesley

David sails Suilven based at North Queensferry in Scotland

Prelude Sail No. 57 - Penny Hemphill

Penny sails Escape from Orford in Suffolk on the River Alde, UK

Prelude Sail No. 58 - Stewart Moxham

Stewart sails Freedom from Windermere Marina in the UK

Prelude Sail No. 59 - David Brunger

David and family sail Harnser on the Northern Rivers of the Norfolk Broads, UK

Prelude Sail No. 61 - John Logan

John sails Moltava based on the Oulton Broad, UK

Prelude Sail No. 63 - Mike

Mike lives in Southampton and restored Romulus

Prelude Sail No. 66 - Danny and Alison Pritchard

Danny, Alison and family live in Brighton, but sail Caelis in the Norfolk Broads, usually accompanied by their two 'Westies'

Prelude Sail No. 68 - Nick H.

Nick is the proud owner of Happy Daze, a bilge keeler, and sail her from Chichester Harbour, UK

Prelude Sail No. 69 - John Perott

John aquired Minuet in 1995 ands sails her from Cox's boatyard, Barton Turf, UK

Prelude Sail No. 73 - Diana

Diana and family sail Opus 1 since 1980 on Consiton Water in the Lake District, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 84 - Marten and Susan Ager

Marten and Susan are the proud owners of "Emily J" lying at Coniston Sailing Club, UK

Prelude Sail No. 85 - Russel Seaton

Nicola Jane sails from the Medway Estuary

Prelude Sail No. 91 - Andy Munday

Andy sails Biggles in the UK and Europe.

Prelude Sail No. 101 - Nick Spencer

Nick sails Rusty from Birdham Pool, Chichester Harbour, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 102 - Mike Evans

Mike sail "Grey Dog" from Alicante, Spain

Prelude Sail No. 103 - Mark Collins

Mark sails Baby Jane which is kept on a swinging mooring at Thurstaston on the Wirral,UK

Prelude Sail No. 104 - Chris Locke

Chris sails "The Batch" on the Norfolk Broads at Thurne, UK

Prelude Sail No. 106 - Philip White

Philip together with his sons Christopher and Dean sail Sally on the Norfolk Broads, UK

Prelude Sail No. 110 - Matthew Davis

Matthew sails Scherzo at St Peter's marina in Newcastle on the Tyne , UK

Prelude Sail No. 111 - Wayne Brown

Wayne obtained Bounder of Brancaster and is renovating her. He hopes to sail her based at Woodbridge, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 112 (1972) - Frank Duckworth

 Frank based in Thornton- Cleveleys in Lancashire sails Surnrise, a drop keel, in lake Coniston in the Lake District, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 114 (1972) - John Bean

John sails Jenny from Cramond Boat Club at the mouth of the river Almond on the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

Prelude Sail No. 115 - James Steele

James sails Crackers based in Southampton, UK

Prelude Sail No. 118 - Alistair Sim

Alistair sails Curlew (previously Thursday ) in Derwent Water near Keswick, UK

Prelude Sail No. 123 - Kevin

Kevin bought Firebird recently!(2007) and is working on her, getting her ready for the spring. She'll be sailing around the east coast of Scotland.

Prelude Sail No. 126 - Kevin Robertson

Kevin bought RedStart in summer 2009 and She now sails based in Penarth.

Prelude Sail No. 131 -Mike Ashton

Mike sails Second Wind from his swing mooring in Topsham on the river Exe, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 133 -Clare Skea

Clare sails Shearwater from Helensburgh Sailing Club in SW Scotland.

Prelude Sail No. 147 - Pamela and Paul Lester

Pamela and Paul sail Chocolat on the River Ore in Suffolk.

Prelude Sail No. 150 - Mike and Brian Thompson

Brothers Mike and Brian bought Mustard Seed in June 2007 who will continue to be based at the Hythe Sailing Club, Southampton, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 151 - Rainer Schultze

"mini Doranja" has been in the WVSD sailing club in N. Germany since the 70s and Rainer bought her in 2000. He enjoys sailing her in Germany and the Baltic Sea .

Prelude Sail No. 158 - Jon and Tanya McDermott

Jon and Tanya sail Ondine from Hill Head Haven, Hampshire, UK

Prelude Sail No. 17? - Martin Jarman

Martin and his wife own Pela for the last 15 years. They even lived aboard her for 14 months sailing from Bristol to Greece and back.

Prelude Sail No. 173 - Dave

Dave sails Sophie Marie from Garden Path, Manchester, UK

Prelude Sail No. 176 - James Blunt

James sails Harmony which is a fin keel at Llyn Brenig, Wales, UK

Prelude Sail No. 178 - Paul Smalley

Paul sails Frolic in North Devon, UK

Prelude Sail No. 180 - Paul Whitman

Paul used to sail this masthead, lifting-keel Prelude, located in Church Beach Penryn, Falmouth, UK

Prelude Sail No. 189 - John McPhail

John sails Daisie (previously Pilchard ) based at Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland

Prelude Sail No. 193 - Tim Goundry

Tim sails Lady Grace on Coniston Water

Prelude Sail No. 197 - Darren Lawes

Darren sails Compromise, in the Norfolk Broads, UK

Prelude Sail No. 198 - Marie Sergent

Marie sails Gwerzig from Brest, Brittany, France

Prelude Sail No. 203 - Caroline

Caroline lives in Ipswich, U.K. and sails Tio Pepe.

Prelude Sail No. 211 - Stephan Petri

Stephan sails Horgen in the lake of Zurich, Switzerland .

Prelude Sail No. 212 - George Klonaris

George sails Thalassini from Porto-Rafti near Athens, Greece.

Prelude Sail No. 216 - Matthew Horwood

Matthew sails Phantom based at Orford, Suffolk. Phantom has a masthead rig and a lifting keel.

Prelude Sail No. 220 (April 1974) - Haris Giannaros

Haris lives in Kent and is the proud owner of Faith, which he sails in Greece.

Prelude Sail No. 223 - Alfred Stefan Welsch

Alfred sails Lorbass from Roermond, Netherlands.

Prelude Sail No. 230 - Bob and Doreen

Doreen and Bob restored and sail Dove out of Tollesbury, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 233 - Robert Handley

Robert sails Alegrea based at Rutland Sailing Club, Rutland Water, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 234 - Nik Grainger

Nik sails Milly in Loch Ness, Scotland

Prelude Sail No. 238 - Graham Hull

Evette sails in the Thames Estuary from Leigh-on-Sea, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 240 - Matti

Venho Matti lives in Helsinki, Finland and sails Maku. and Matti has his own blogspot worth visiting: Maku Blogspot

Prelude Sail No. 243 - Alistair Mills

Alistair sails Euphoria who is moored on the river Hamble - Hampshire, UK.

Prelude Sail No.246 - Christian Barnes

Christian sails Humming Bird based in Ullswater, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 247 - Tom Findlay

Tom sails Wee Jasmine based in Helmsdale, UK

Prelude Sail No. 250 - Jeremy Beecroft

Jeremy sails Swift Half based in Arklow, Republic of Ireland

Prelude Sail No. 251 - Jim Lee

Jim sails Freida in Helford River, UK

Prelude Sail No. 268 - Paul and Miriam Kemp

Paul and Miriam trail-sail Inka all over the UK, based in Tollesbury.

Prelude Sail No. 274 - Maurice Jassies

Maurice sils Praeludium , based in WSV Nulde - Holland.

Prelude Sail No. 280 - Robert Heard

Robert sails Melody based on Millbeach on the Blackwater Essex, UK

Prelude Sail No. 289 - Malcolm Braund

Prydwen. is sailed by Malcolm based at Instow, North Devon, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 291 - Is it José Fernandes

Jose sails Nok from a swinging mooring in Faro, Algarve, Portugal

Prelude Sail No. 293 - Julie and Gavin

Julie and Gavin sail Schottische on the North Kent Coast, UK

Prelude Sail No. 298 - Otter

Otter sails "Gandalf" from Brancaster, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 317 - Dirk Elijzen

Dirk sails Parbleu based at Nulde, The Netherlands.

Prelude Sail No. 332 - Patrick Jehle

Patrick sails Essaouira based in Munich, Germany

Prelude Sail No. 338 - Erik Strömberg

Erik sails "Kittywake" sails lake Garnviken and the Baltic Sea in Sweden.

Prelude Sail No. 339 - Dorothea and Hanspeter

Dorothea and Hanspeter sail Bluemiracle in Lake Zürich, Switzerland .

Prelude Sail No. 340 - Robin Wilkinson

Follys Pride is Robin's pride and joy.

Prelude Sail No. 346 - Jim Richmond

Jim sails Aquarius based in Plymouth, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 351 - Malcom Martins

Maranda is based at Martham in Norfolk, England.

Prelude Sail No. 352 - Luke

Luke is sailing Harrison John out of Brightlingsea, Essex, England.

Prelude Sail No. 358 - David Shields

David sails VIDRINE which is moored at Wormit on the river Tay, Scotland.

Prelude Sail No. 365 - Claire Bruin

Claire sails L'Année based on the River Cam near Cambridge, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 370 - Froeliger Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc sails Talofa on an extension of the Rhine, at the German border near Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Prelude Sail No. 376 - Matti Heikkilä

Matti lives in Espoo, Finland and sails Haiku

Prelude Sail No. 384 - Michael Peacey

Michael is based in Ipswich, UK and sails Windsong

Prelude Sail No. 386 - John Whiteside

John is the owner of Lyra based at Lake Lothing, Lowestoft, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 392 - Bert Mayhew

Bert sails Poppy from the Wivenhoe Sailing Club in the UK.

Prelude Sail No. 393 - Knud Tønder

Knud sails Havblik from Skødshoved, Denmark

Prelude Sail No. 397 - Tim Lewis

Tim and his family sail Jellybean based at East Dorset Sailng Club in Poole Harbour, UK.

Prelude Sail No. 399 - John Pickering

John sails Justine based in Saltash, Cornwall, UK

Prelude Sail No. 403 - Vassilis Chronis

Vassilis sails Salut 2 based in Preveza, Greece.

Prelude Sail No. 410 - Jim Morris

Jim sails Dragonfly based in Chichester Harbour, UK

Prelude Sail No. 412 - Eric Jackson

Eric sails Piece of Cake from Seaham Harbour, UK

Prelude Sail No. 423 - Alex Jenkins

Alex sails Red Dwarf from Amble, Northumberland, UK

Prelude Sail No. 421 - Arthur Riley

Arthur sails Auberge from Oulton Broad, UK

Prelude Sail No. 429 - Malcolm Towers

Malcolm sails Haveago in the Lake District, UK .

Prelude Sail No. 431 - Mike and Lin Church

Mike and Lin sail Lady Cupcake in the Norfolk Broads based at Coltishall, UK .

Prelude Sail No. 432 - Timothy Devaney

Tim sails Magic based in Fort William, Scotland, UK

Prelude Sail No. 435 - Mike Scott

Mike owns Poppy and sails her in the Norfolk Broads, UK . />

Prelude Sail No. 506 - Robert Hallr

Robert sails Spindrift, on lake Windermere , UK .

Prelude Sail No. 507 (1993)- Simon

Simon sails Jeremy Fisher in the Norfolk Broads